The Insurers include:


Britam General Insurance Company Kenya Limited; ICEA Lion General Insurance Company Limited - Kenya; Heritage Insurance Company Kenya Limited; Sanlam General Insurance Company Uganda Limited; MGEN Tanzania Insurance Company Limited; Sanlam Insurance - Tanzania; Madison General Insurance Company Zambia Limited; Nico Insurance Zambia Limited; Britam Insurance Company Rwanda Limited; BK General Insurance company – Rwanda; Ghana Union Assurance Company; Botswana Insurance Company; Momentum Short Term Insurance – Namibia; Britam Insurance Company Mozambique Limited.
 These Insurers have entered into CRI agreements with local banks.

Retrocession Agreements:

ZEP-Re / PTA Reinsurance
Tanzania Reinsurance Company Limited
Continental Reinsurance Company Limited

HFGA and Agence Française de Développement (AFD)agreed a funding deal, for 70million Euro at a concessionary rate. In terms of the agreement, the funds are invested with The Mauritian Commercial Bank and the comparative financial advantage, being the difference in rate received from MCB, less the rate to AFD is granted to HFGARe as permanent capital. HFGARe costs are paid by funds borrowed from Housing for HIV. HFGARe also receives premium income in the countries which CRI is offered.

Corporate Governance

The Company is registered and licenced in Mauritius and fulfils all of the regulatory requirements, in all respects. It adheres to the principles of good corporate governance and follow best business practices. It is professionally managed in Mauritius, by Rockmills Financials Ltd and audited by Nolands Mauritius.

The directors are: Sanjeeven Ramasawmy, SS Murday, Michael Berry, Charlene Lea, Nkululeko Sowazi (Chairman), Olivier Barbeau and Willem van Emmenis.